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Consulting Teams

A modern work management platform for consulting teams on the go. 


Bring all your data together

No more hopping platforms to find data points. Gain access to relevant data and documents in the right context instantly—from customer data to project files and workitems. 


Improve your productivity

Estimate resource requirements with List and Board view to know who is working on what. Identify when to line up projects to keep the team occupied. 


Focus on strategy building

Get a clear understanding of how each project, assignment, and team affects your organization’s bottom line. Align your goals with the team’s bandwidth and focus on delivering higher business outcomes. 


Efficient Use

Plan project effectively

Harness AI Smart Task to determine past work patterns and implement company-wide planing effortlessly.

Track time for accuracy

Clear visibility of how each member spends their time with time approval processes to ensure aligned productivity.

Optimize tasks

Ensure balanced workloads and proper task distribution using our task management system.
Calendar view of the upcoming plan


Optimal Work Standards

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Baseline work data

Define clear, efficient workload standards tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Get oversight excellence

Monitor adherence to established benchmarks, ensuring consistent, high-quality outputs. 

Track continuous progress

Regularly reassess and adjust benchmarks in line with team capabilities and project demands. 


Proactive Work Management

Bulk entry for the entire consultant team

Get client insights

Stay ahead with instantaneous updates by adjusting notifications to your needs to ensure project continuity and alignment.

Make dynamic adjustments

Modify assignments with custom statuses and workflows, responding to changing priorities or challenges on time.

Ease work planning

Align and assign workitems as per your team’s strength and capacity using timesheet management and dashboard.

Key Features for Consulting Teams


Collaborate with team

Timesheet Management Feature Manual and Auto Time Entry

Manual and auto-timer

Custom view Structure

Timesheet Management Feature Timesheet Approval

Timesheet approval