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Managing projects is tough. And tools out there are complex beyond reason. 5day.io is a modern work management tool that makes managing projects, tasks, and collaboration easy.   

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Project Management

Support your team to move faster by connecting project planning, ideation, execution and analysis. Keep current and planned project progress in sight with a dashboard that gives you an accurate picture, every time.
Kanban view in project management

Task Management

Plan and access your day-to-day work using 5day.io’s task management system. Know what tasks are overdue, upcoming and unscheduled for increased productivity.
My work section in task management

Timesheet Management

Use timesheets for data accuracy and faster project turnarounds. Get an overview of the collective time spent by your team on a project for better efficiency.
Weekly time entry in timesheet management


Stay in touch with clients and hybrid teams throughout the project cycle. Break delays borne due to outsourcing by collaborating on tasks in the same tool.
Discussion section and file sharing on 5day.io

All-in-One Solution to Get Your Work, Done

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Create impact - fast

Increase team-vision alignment by preparing project roadmaps faster and amplify your impact.

See your entire project at once

Manage and analyze tasks with multiple views like List View and Board View. Know what stage your project is on with just one click.

Update your team instantly

Clearly define project priorities and work status with real-time discussions on project and task levels.
Image of a project management team with workitem screen


Deliver on time, every time

See the entire project timeline with board view to avoid delays and errors for timely deliverables.

Account for your teams’ time

Actively understand the time your resources need on specific project activities to streamline expectations.

Support your team better

Gauge resource capacity in one click to plan daily, weekly, and monthly task allocation.
Image of an engineering team with projects Board view


Talk to your team - instantly

Keep your team updated about the constantly shifting client demands and align project-team expectations.

Rectify error on the spot

Reduce delays in timeline dependencies by discussing project or task-specific errors in real-time.

Simplify complex projects

Break down multi-faceted project deliverables into digestible chunks with workitems and subitems.

Image of a female consultant with weekly time entry


Create a flexible workflow

Monitor feature requests to make quick changes in the work timeline and foster collaborative development workflows.

Bring all your leads together

Coordinate with engineers, product managers, and scrum masters for transparent progress and task updates.

Make your feedback system efficient

Provide regular feedback on workitem level using discussions for easy edits and changes.
Image of a product team with workitem description


Track your sales funnel

Keep all your leads’ progress in check with the Kanban board, no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

Support cross-functional team collaboration

Break silos by collaborating across departments like Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance to ensure accurate status updates.

Plan effective sales pitches

Plan demos and meetings with leads to avoid missing important deadlines.
Image of 2 salespeople with projects in Kanban view


Onboard and coordinate with clients

Create strategic and in-depth campaigns for multiple clients in one place. Also, onboard clients for an efficient approval process.

Make task allocation easy

Delegate tasks to your creative team by assessing resource availability and time capacity.

Keep track of project objectives

Use marketing templates for efficient content planning, catering to short- and long-term objectives.
Image of the marketing team with description section


Finish projects on time, every time

Manage scheduling conflicts and work delays with subcontractors by collaborating on task-level discussions.

Monitor your budget closely

Maintain documentation of your billable and non-billable tasks to get an accurate view of any budget overruns.

Supervise changing priorities

Stay ahead of changing client preferences and manage your deadline accurately by updating daily and weekly time logs.
Image of two construction team leaders with files section


Speed up your recruitment processes

Juggle multiple recruitment interviews and keep in check of their status, all in one dashboard.

Support faster onboarding

Onboard new employees faster with seamless work delegation, and duplicate task templates at one click.

Give accurate employee feedback

Tackle employee feedback like a pro by collaborating with them on a workitem level and having real-time discussions.
Image of 2 HR executives with hiring statuses


Juggle all your projects

Keep track of progress within multiple projects by creating a well-segmented list of workitems and subitems.

Invite clients – boost transparency

Use auto timer within tasks to accurately track time spent on each section. Onboard clients to review the project status and boost transparency.

Provide on-time deliverables

Manage on time delivery while you keep your creative juices flowing with a timeline view that suits you best.

Image of a designer with file share view
Image of time entry done by an employee

Seamless Client Onboarding

Invite clients for a hassle-free customer experience, get higher visibility, and achieve faster time-to-value.

Fast Track Approvals

Distinguish between billable and non-billable hours and use bulk time entries for easy reporting.
Image of team members

Similar Task

Make project planning easier by getting relevant recommendations based on historical data. Make work plans faster and better.

AI Smart

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