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IT & PMO Teams

A modern work management platform for fast-growing IT and product teams


Achieve faster time-to-market

Reduce mundane admin tasks and focus more on innovations that matter. Execute faster software delivery processes from intake to impact by spending less time on menial requests. 


Reduce operational costs

Simplify your project tools and the costs associated with it by shifting collaboration, communication and productivity on one single platform.


Focus on work that matters

Support your remote team effortlessly while you channel your focus on high-ticket work items – from goal setting to boosting your team’s morale with the Happy Board. 


Faster Sprint velocity

Plan your work faster

Easily analyze and organize work items right on your project dashboard, ensuring each sprint is set up for success.

Use multiple views

Gain clear insights into a week’s sprint trajectory, optimizing team workload and timely deliverables. 

Perform in-depth analytics

Dive deep into sprint performance metrics, making informed adjustments for future iterations. 
Board view with workitems assigned to different team members


Agile Backlog Mastery

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Tool Integration

Integrate tools that are designed to keep your backlog clean, accessible, and actionable. 

Task Prioritization

Get insights right on your dashboard to effectively rank and tackle backlog items. 

Custom Features

Tailor your backlog with customizable statuses, workflows and priorities, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your team’s needs. 


Faster Software Development

Workload breakdown on project dashboard

Achieve work efficiency

Simplify your processes using workitems and subitems to make each development phase efficient. 

Share project milestones

Plan development and release milestones and share it with your team on project level using files to maintain team-goal alignment. 

Collaborate with your team

Invite your entire team to your workspace and projects to make documentation and development iterations more effective. 

Key Features for IT & PMO Teams

Relationships and Dependencies

List and Kanban view

Project Progress

Features To Do lists

Timesheet Approvals structure