Task Management

to prioritize work that matters

Not all your work is created equally. Work on tasks that support your end goals with custom views that fit your team’s needs.

My work section in task management

See all your tasks laid out in front of you

Have all your current, planned, unplanned and overdue tasks right in front of you, in the My Work section. Understand how these tasks contribute to your project’s end goal, all in one place.

Never lose track of what is important, be it your day-to-day tasks, or bigger business goals.

Use priority and custom statuses to let your team know what to work on first.

A person putting sticky notes on wall to manage task
Workitem description and view

Give time to work that matters

Estimate which tasks require what amount of time. Breakdown complex tasks further using subitems and multiple assignee.

Assign the right subitem, to the right person with due dates to maintain the project timeline.

Get clear visibility

Peep into your upcoming work to understand task urgency. Simplify tracking any changes in work using activity streams.

Plan to get your work done your way

Learn how your project breakdown will impact your business by seeing all pending and impromptu tasks. Stick to a schedule that works for you by delegating or removing unwanted tasks.

Know your task priorities, right away

Our task management system helps you get started with your work, right away. Say goodbye to lengthy meetings to discuss tasks every single day. Quickly assign tasks and get going, without missing a beat. 

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Custom Task Types, Fields

Time Logs

Custom Workflows

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