Project Management

that’s actually manageable

All you need for a successful project execution is the right people and a right tool. We help you maintain relationships and manage dependencies, all in one tool.

Project Dashboard

With you can,

Manage any project, no matter the scope.

Scope creep is real and a harmless list of miscellaneous work can quickly pile up.

Create elaborate project plans and assign tasks based on custom priority and tags. Assign the right task, to the right person, at the right time.

Ditch traditional tools and get a complete overview of your project’s progress using our dashboard. Know exactly who is working on what, when and for how long.

Project manager on call
Workitems and subitems within project

Give your project a clear structure

Break down complex projects into actionable segments using a clearly defined structure. 

Invite freelancers, contractors, clients and employees to relevant workspaces, spaces and projects for a smooth execution.

Make your work adapt to your needs

Using customizable workflow, custom fields, and workitem type create a project plan that works for you. Define urgency using discussions, regardless of where your team is. 

Bring all your tools to one central system

Juggling between tools and adapting to hybrid teams can hinder project progress. Integrate your favorite tools with to create one central ecosystem for all your work.

See your work the way you want

Create a detailed project visualization using list and board views. In one glance, know everything about your project right from start date, work type, project progress priority and much more.

Declutter All the Blockers, Work at Scale

Reduce toil created by multiple productivity and collaboration tools. Democratize your work plan to finish in best possible time with optimum use of resources.

Use intuitive workspace to stay on top of your work and collaboration.


Declutter Work at Scale Workspace

Work schedules

Declutter Work at Scale Work Schedules


Declutter Work at Scale Timelogs


Declutter Work at Scale Discussions

Multiple Views

Declutter Work at Scale Multiple Views

Track Activity

Declutter Work at Scale Track Activity

Top Features Structure

Project Management Feature Work Schedule

Work Schedule

Project Management Feature Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Project Management Feature List Views

List View and
Kanban View

Project Management Feature Custom Task Type

Custom Task Types, Fields

Project Management Feature Relationship Dependency

Relationship and Dependencies

Project Management Feature Custom Status

Custom status

Project Management Feature Priorities


Project Management Feature Tags


Project Management Feature Progress


Project Management Feature Reschedule


Project Management Feature Estimation


Project Management Feature Time Logs

Time Logs

Project Management Feature Collaborate with Team

Collaborate with Team

Project Management Feature File Upload

Upload Files

Project Management Feature Track all Activity

Track all Activities

Project Management Feature Bulk Action

Bulk Actions

Project Management Feature Custom View

Custom Views

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