with clients and hybrid teams

Hopping between tools can break your workflow and force you to switch context.

It’s time to bring all your talks and docs in one single space.

Marketing team talking about a campaign on discussion section

With you can,

Form stronger client-business partnerships

Onboard clients to maintain high level of visibility and project accountability.

Cut the delay tied to lengthy approval processes by talking to your clients where the actual work happens. Know what needs to be done, when and how, instantly.
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Bring your hybrid team together

Critical projects cannot afford back and forth. Reduce time waste and workflow chaos by bringing all your team in one single platform.

Be it freelancers, remote employees or contractors. Support them all with appropriate access to required projects.

Maintain a single source of data

Get access to a dedicated file section at task and project level that accommodates all file types.

Manage all your important details at every step.

Keep your team in sync

Prevent context switching that comes with multiple communication tools

Talk to your team about changes on the project discussion section. Or connect directly with the involved person at task level.

Maintain team-project alignment with a dash of fun with emojis. Because what is work without any fun?

Connecting all your work dots in one place helps you connect all the work dots by bringing everything on one single platform. Integrate all your favorite tools to discuss and share data quickly, without losing context.

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