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Construction Teams

A work management platform for construction teams to manage end-to-end processes.


Maintain a single source of truth

Easily manage projects from quotes to invoices on one platform. Foster cross-team collaboration with external stakeholders and contractors. 


Improve profitability

Understand how different projects, individuals, and assignments affect your bottom-line. Focus on the projects that reduce the cost and drive profitability.


Know staffing requirments

Plan for the staffing requirements in advance with analytics and dashboard. Create standard & uniform project templates for invoicing to streamline payment processes.


Efficient Scheduling

Make task planning easy

Ensure effortless assignment of tasks with AI Smart Task, even when juggling complex scenarios with multiple contractors. 

Manage Timelines

Optimize scheduling to meet short deadlines using custom statuses to maintain project momentum. 

Collaborate with contractors

Seamlessly invite and add multiple contractors into your workspace, ensuring clarity and unified direction. 
Timelog of the construction team lead


Instant Tracking

Client and architect discussing the plan

Get project assistance

Use AI Smart Task to get project planning assistance. Know which employees have worked on what.

Automate notifications

Stay informed with automatic updates, enabling swift reactions to any project changes.

Track project progress

Use analytics to track projects consistently to adhere to time frames and financial constraints with billable and non-billable tasks.


Centralized Files

File upload screen with important documents

Unified document hub

Consolidate essential files, providing a clear and easily accessible repository for the team.

Efficient collaboration

Ensure that everyone works from the most up-to-date document versions, avoiding conflicts and confusion.

Simplified data access

Reduce search times by having a centralized location for all critical files on project, workitem and subitem level. 

Key Features for Construction Leaders

Time logs


Timesheet Management Feature Time Estimation

Time Estimation

Project Management Feature File Upload

Upload files

Timesheet Management Feature Bulk Time Entry

Bulk time entry

Timesheet Management Feature Daily/Weekly/Monthly Views

Daily/weekly/monthly view