project-leaders for

Engineering Teams

A modern work management platform for dynamic engineering teams.


Divide tasks for fast execution

Get a smooth project execution and management via detailed breakdown of workitems. Organize and track work progress to ensure teams are working on the right project-related tasks.


Solidify your approach

Increase your collaboration, communication, and productivity all with one platform. Simplify workload by removing multiple products and reducing costs. 


Speed up your delivery time

Support hybrid work and curate a well-distributed plan for all your employees with a workload view. Channel your focus on high-ticket project items for on-time delivery.


Timely Execution

Support strategic planning

Craft and delegate detailed work schedules using time estimations to ensure each workitem is aligned for on-time completion. 

Identify risks early

Spot, assess, act and mitigate potential hurdles using the project dashboard, before they impact timelines. 

Master your deadlines

Ensure consistent on-track performance with multiple priority statuses, making timely deliveries a standard.

My work view of all assigned workitems


Seamless Work Management

Team discussion with 4 members

Intuitive Design

Effortlessly chart the course of projects using workitems to set clear milestones and expectations.

Efficient Work Allocation

Assign work easily with project dashboard to optimize your team’s strengths and provide balanced workloads.

Easy Onboarding

Onboard third-party professionals like contractors, consultants and subcontractors for streamlined project progress.


Work Insights

Weekly time entry in timesheet management

Understand your work better

Gain immediate clarity on project progression and critical milestones using Board view.

Keep your budget in check

Monitor financial health in real-time by analyzing billable and non-billable hours to make sure the project stays within the allocated budget.

Make informed decisions

Leverage data-driven insights with AI Smart Task to steer projects effectively, adjusting strategies as needed. 

Key Features for Enginnering Teams

Timesheet Management Feature Manual and Auto Time Entry

Work Schedule



Timesheet Management feature Timesheets based on days of the week

Timesheet based on the days of the week

Project Progress

Timesheet Management Feature Billable/Non-billable Hours

Billable/non billable