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Marketing Teams

A modern work management platform for modern marketing teams. 


Get to the market faster

Align marketing efforts with business objectives, helping teams recognize their impact. As needs evolve, prioritize vital projects and reschedule other workitems. 


Collaborate seamlessly

Simplify cross-functional collaboration within and across tools. Automatically share project updates with cross-functional stakeholders so you can work together effortlessly. 


Increased visibility

Track your marketing objectives in detail. Ensure everyone is up to date with an intuitive project dashboard that maps the work with marketing strategy and campaign roadmaps. 


Campaign Mastery

Define campaign goals

Easily define objectives and devise strategies that align with your marketing vision and targets with custom templates.

Assign the right tasks

Leverage advanced Gantt and Board views for precise resource mapping, ensuring every campaign runs on optimal fuel. 

Tailor workflows

Customize marketing processes to suit team dynamics, availability and workload to ensure smooth operations and avoid blockers. 
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Content Central

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End-to-End Content Management

Oversee every stage of content creation, from ideation to publication, in a centralized dashboard. 

Asset Centralization

Store and access all essential content assets in the file section on project and workietm level for consistency and ease of retrieval. 

Boost collaboration

Seamlessly combine workitems with document management, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. 


Editorial Excellence

Team members discussing campaign progress

Flexible Planning

Harness the adaptability of your Editorial Calendar with board view to cater to shifting content needs and timelines. 

Short & Long-Term Focus

Plan content that addresses ad hoc tasks, immediate goals, and long-term objectives using the My Work section.

Content Blueprint

Chart the content calendar clearly to make sure all team members are aligned and updated. 

Key Features for Marketing Teams

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Custom status

Track all activities

Timesheet Management Feature Time Estimation

Time estimation

Normal and Auto timer

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