Engineering team making a project plan for

Product Teams

A work management platform for dynamic product teams.


Achieve faster time-to-market

Quickly and effectively diagnose priorities and actions for product launches. Accelerate the launch cycle by mapping the ideation funnel to feasibility and scenario-based profitability models. 


Improved Productivity

Chart out plans at specific segment and persona levels that can be a baseline for production and allocation planning. Unify planning in a single tool and link key projects drivers across multiple teams during the plan. 


Single source-of-truth

Centralize user stories, feature requests, and messaging across departments and customers and thus improve product decisions. 


Product Health

Feature Insight

Track feature requests, ensuring they align with development goals and timelines. 

Holistic Development

Simplify feedback and track development milestones for a complete product perspective. 

Sprint Management

Breakdown your project tasks in manageable and actionable sprints using workitems and subitems. 


Team Coordination



Bridge roles, from engineers to scrum masters, ensuring a clear approach to all projects. 


Update every team member with regular, clear and custom project statuses.

Easy Sync ups

Integrate your favorite tools to promote faster and smoother cross-team interactions.


Feedback System

Capture client requests

Ensure every client feedback and request is meticulously recorded and made accessible. 

Collaboration Hub

Create threads where teams can come together to discuss and dissect client insights. 

Make informed action paths

Translate feedback into actionable work items, ensuring the product evolves in line with client expectations. 

Key Features for Product Teams

Custom workflow

Timesheet Management Feature Time Estimation

Time Estimation

Features To Do lists

Bulk time entry

Custom task types and files

Timesheet Management Feature Time Tracking

Track all actions

Timesheet Management Feature Daily/Weekly/Monthly Views

Daily/weekly/monthly view