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5day.io for


A work management platform for fast-moving sales teams. 


Close deals faster

Use AI Smart tasks to assign work items based on the stage of the sales process. Create and track status updates and notifications to alert the team of their next work goal. 


Prospect Smarter

Effectively analyze the workload utilization, ensuring visibility and predictability of the sales pipeline. Prioritize sales calls aligned with the lead’s position in your funnel to engage the prospects efficiently. 


Scale your team

Manage meetings, and engagements for enhanced connection with team members. Easily onboard new hires and minimize inefficient training manuals and documentation. 


Deal Monitoring

Track deals

Implement multiple views for intuitive and simplified deal tracking, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked.

Get sale insights

Stay updated on every sales’ progress with custom workflows, identifying bottlenecks and celebrating wins. 

Optimize deal flow

Harness the power of Kanban view to move deals smoothly from one stage to the next, magnifying closure rates. 
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Unified Teamwork

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Cross-Department Collaboration

Break silos between Marketing, Sales, and IT teams to unlock the full potential of their combined expertise and close deals faster.


Provide timely and clear status updates across teams, streamlining dependencies, and keeping everyone on the same page. 

Secure File Exchange

Prioritize data safety while facilitating the seamless sharing of critical files and information using workitem-level file exchange.


Client Onboarding

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Integrate your sales tools

Provide sales teams with a robust platform by integrating your favorite tools to guide new clients and partners into your ecosystem

Centralized hub

Streamline client data with collaboration on files level to ensure quick access to critical details. Facilitate smoother customer onboarding journeys. 

Engagement activities

Kickstart a series of tasks and engagements to make clients feel valued, informed, and integrated.

Key Features for Sales Teams

Timesheet Management Feature Time Tracking

Time tracking

Features AI Similar Tasks

Custom task types and files

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