A designer planning his designs

5day.io for

Design Teams

A modern work management platform for innovative design teams.


Enhance your collaboration

Streamline creative workflows with a platform that organizes creative briefs, assets, and critiques. Manage projects, docs, and meetings to stay aligned. 


Improve your review process

Support design reviews with trackable tasks, specs and suggest upcoming tasks to your team with a feedback system on discussion level. 


Offer the joy of creating

Inspire you team by uploading mood boards for new ideas and creative breakthroughs. Celebrate successes with Happy Boards and find inspiration via collaboration.


Design Hub

Increase delivery rate

See all your current and upcoming design functions at once, using the my work section to ensure on-time deliverables.

Manage your assets

Store and manage all creative assets in files section for easy retrieval and updating.  

Simplify your workflow

Optimize your confirmation process by onboarding clients for selected projects. Get instant approvals and feedback for easy project delivery.
Project-wise division of a designer’s work


Project Management

A designer ideating designs on a design tab

Track your project time

Track time you spend on every single project with smart auto-timer, so you can focus on your creative flow. Eliminate time spent on logging in work hours everyday.

Centralize briefs

Maintain a concise record of all briefs, brand guides, and specifications to keep your design team in sync.   

Use multiple views

Keep every stage of the design process in line with multiple views like List and Board view for efficiency and accuracy.


Focus on Innovation

Design catalogue on the files section

Prepare design templates

Set your designers up for success with easily accessible templates and design libraries. Upload project specific style guides for easy access.  

Better delivery process

Remove blockers by assigning tasks to available team members beforehand for smooth delivery. See your entire project timeline on the project dashboard.

Handle multiple projects

Juggle multiple different projects by breaking them into clear, concise and actionable workitems and subitems.

Key Features for Design Teams

Features Dashboard

custom task types and files

list and kanban board

5day.io structure

Timesheet Management Feature Billable/Non-billable Hours

billable/non billable

Timesheet Management Feature Bulk Time Entry

manual and auto timer

project progress