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A modern work management platform for innovative HR teams. 


Improve efficiency

Streamline talent with a platform that organizes candidate portfolios, applications, and outreaches in one place. Manage schedule, docs, and team meetings and stay on top of the task. 


Duplicate your templates

Facilitate training with trackable tasks, docs and suggest next action items by duplicating projects and workitems you want.


Celebrate every success

Introduce the culture of delight and networking with for new and existing employees. Celebrate achievements and break long routines with the Happy Board. 


HR Hub

Find your work in one place

Bring all HR functions from recruiting to hiring under one roof, ensuring simplified activities and oversight. 

Manage documents

Store and manage all employee and company documents efficiently, facilitating easy retrieval and updating. 

Track employee status

Use specialized functions tailored for HR teams like time-off and internal time-tracking to optimize leave management and performance reviews.
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Recruitment Central

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Integrate your favorite tools

Connect effortlessly with various recruitment tools, consolidating every function into one single platform. 

Centralize candidate profiles

Maintain a clear and unified database of potential hires, speeding up review and selection processes. 

Create a smooth hiring flow

Optimize every stage of your recruitment process, from initial screenings to final interviews, ensuring a consistent and effective approach. 


Swift Onboarding

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Support new employees

Guide your new hires towards the right path by adding them to existing workitems with multiple assignees. Ensure no step is missed in training. 

Easy coordination

Talk to and update all the stakeholders regarding hiring processes and decision making on project level.

Seamless onboarding journey

Make the employee’s onboarding experience memorable by setting the stage for long-term employee engagement and success in advance.

Key Features for HR Teams

Timesheet Management Feature Time Tracking

Time tracking

project progress

collaborate with the team

upload files

track all activities

Timesheet Management feature Timesheets based on days of the week

work schedule