April 5, 2024

Good ChatGPT Prompts for Project Managers (2024)

As the professional landscape evolves, it’s becoming increasingly important for project managers to enhance their technical skills. As GPT-4 advanced into its second year, the significant impact of generative AI on business workflows and decision-making processes became evident. This technology is not only transforming operations but also fostering more insightful, innovative solutions that benefit businesses, their customers, and stakeholders alike. 

A FlexOS survey reveals that 81% of generative AI users have experienced enhanced productivity, citing time saving, increased efficiency, automation of routine tasks, and improved accuracy and quality of work. The potential of generative AI in business contexts is immense. 

Project managers can leverage ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools for more reliable and precise project planning, identifying and addressing risks, and discovering new aspects previously unconsidered, all contributing to better project outcomes and more comprehensive strategies. 

Here are a few ChatGPT prompts you can try to enhance your project management: 

Project Planning and Milestones

  1. Come up with questions to ask during the meeting to start the project. 
  2. Create a template for assessing project risks. 
  3. Please provide a handoff and project conclusion checklist. 

For a more comprehensive prompt tailored to your planning needs, use this prompt for your needs: 

I’m a project manager [role] and need to launch a new website for a digital service [project example]. It’s a 10-month project with teams from design, development, and marketing [context]. Please create a detailed project plan in a table. [Output format] Include goals, reasons for the project, what it covers, schedule, who’s involved, and how we’ll measure success. 

To create a detailed project plan with milestones, you can use this prompt: 

Create a timeline for the launch of project [X]. It should include key events, start and end dates, goals, tasks, and who’s in charge of each task. Provide milestones, their start and due dates, objectives, tasks, and the responsible party for each milestone in a [table format]. 

Risk Analysis

Use this prompt for risk analysis of project, 

  • List the possible risks for this project [details] and how to mitigate them.  
  • Make a detailed risk analysis for this project. 


  •  I began a project, and we were brainstorming possible risks to log and track. 

After the meeting,  

  • We are doing a project to do X and below are the risks we have identified, is there anything that we have missed?’


This usually brings up various helpful topics to discuss. 

Meetings And Reports

Prompt for providing post-meeting reports and updates:  

  1. Draft an email for project update for stakeholders of [project name] highlighting key achievements, current challenges, and next steps. 

This will provide an outline to structure the content. 

And to conceptualize and easily summarize key highlights of a lengthy report, you can use these prompts: 

  • Outline the key points from [report]. Highlight any key topics [important details] that should be the main focus.   
  • Draft an agenda for the project status meeting. 

Meetings And Reports

  1. Provide step-by-step guidance for [project manager], when dealing with a resistant stakeholder. Context: I need to talk to a stakeholder who’s not convinced about my new project X. Can you give me a table with their possible concerns and rationale to explain why the project is important? In the rationale column, please include 3-4 bullets for each talking point. 
  2. What more details do you need to finish this task?   
  3. Can you split that into smaller, more detailed steps?   
  4. Analyze the resource requirements for [project name] needs based on its scope and suggest optimal resource allocation. 

General project management prompts

  1. Prepare a template for daily status updates for my team. 
  2. Summarize key milestones for the upcoming sprint. 
  3. Create a list of action items following a team meeting. 
  4. Draft an email for a project delay. 
  5. Provide tips for resolving team conflicts effectively. 

Project Planning prompts

  1. Outline the key phases of a software development project. 
  2. Generate questions to ask in a project kick-off meeting. 
  3. Create a template of risk assessment for a new project. 
  4. Provide checklist of project closure and handoff. 

Task Management Prompts

  1. Draft a task prioritization framework for my team. 
  2. Provide the list of best practices for managing tasks in a sprint. 
  3. Generate a weekly task checklist template. 
  4. Provide tips for handling urgent vs. important tasks.

Project Scheduling Prompts

  1. Craft a template of weekly schedule for my project.
  2. What are various tips for setting realistic project deadlines. 
  3. Create a tracker for project milestones and their statuses.
  4. Draft an email to update team on scheduling changes. 

Project Documentation Prompts

  1. Generate a project documentation outline. 
  2. Help me create a format for post-project evaluations. 
  3. Suggest a template for documenting project risks and mitigations. 

Leveraging ChatGPT as part of your project management role can offer significant advantages, such as enhanced insights and task-specific automation. However, for a holistic solution that transcends basic question-and-answer functionalities, consider exploring 5day.io.  

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